Offline Activities

Don’t want to spend time online? Here are some fun offline activities for you to do.

Do It Yourself


  • A Back and Forth Drawing Game
  • Have you done the back and forth drawing game? It’s something simple and easy for adults and kids alike! 
  • (Click here)
  • Build a Fort!
  • If you have little kids, or even teenagers building a fort can be super easy, fun and no screen time needed! Here’s a link incase you need some ideas. 
  • (Click here)
  • Telephone 
  • The Telephone Game can be a fun game that mixes up the phrase! If you don’t know how to play, here’s the instructions. 
  • (Click here)
  • Indoor Bowling
  • We ALL love to bowl, so what’s better than indoor bowling? Here’s some ideas to what to use for the pins. Even toddlers will love knocking this over!
  • (Click here)
  • Picnic 
  • What’s better than being a kid again and having a picnic on the floor? Here’s a link if you need some ideas on what food to provide for the picnic 
  • (Click here)
  • Card Games
  • Everyone loves card games- so here’s all the rules for the classics
  • (Click here)
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt? (Even fun for adults) 
  • (Click here)
  • Hop Scotch 
  • Play it indoors or outdoors with the entire family. Teach the toddler to do it, it’s sure to have some laughs!
  • (Click here)
  • Egg and Spoon Race
  • This is an easy game to play with everyone!
  • (Click here)
  • Make Up a Game
    • Don’t feel like playing a classic game? Make it up with the kids instead!