Lunch Time Doodles!

Hi everyone welcome back! I had something to share with you, it is really fun! Have you ever read an Elephant and Piggie book? If so, you know that it is an amazing book series. If not, it is a kids book that follow an Elephant and Piggie on their adventures. While we’re all stuck inside, why not have lunch with the author?

Introducing Lunch Time with Doodles! This is fun while your kids eat lunch, or if it is too much of a distraction, have it be an afternoon activity when everyone is bored and unsure of what to do.

It’s completely free to use and just awesome! So why not try it? It is fun for both you and your kids! Trust us, you won’t regret it. So, spend some time having fun at a lunch with this awesome author!

Click here for Lunch Time with Doodles, you might learn something new!

My favorite Elephant and Piggie book is: “Let’s Go For A Drive!” Here are some fun facts about this book series!

  • There are 25 Elephant and Piggie books!
  • These books are for ages 4-8 (But they are fun for everyone!)
  • The best book in the series is “Today I will fly!” in my opinion.
  • There are pigeons throughout hidden in these books! Can you find them?
  • A similar book by the same author is called “Pigeon books” and they are done in the same style!
  • The Elephant is a boy and Piggie is a girl- Just something to keep in mind when reading for fun voices!
  • These books are funny and cute! Give them a try today!

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