Link of the Week

Ella and Belle here again bringing you more exciting things to explore! To kickoff this week, (April 12th) we are going to start with the link of the week.

This week’s link is……..


We have so many live animal feeds under the Live Animal Cam page, so be sure to go over there in case you want to explore some other amazing animals.

Now on to the very important Tiger Cam, San Diego has a couple of other cameras too while they are closed due to unfortunate events that are taking place in the world right now. However, we personally love the tiger cam.

Unlike some of the other live cameras, the tiger cam you can’t always see the tiger, because it could be sleeping or hiding away during the day. This makes it even more fun once you find them after searching and keeping an eye on the live camera. Once you spot these amazing animals, it’ll be worth the long wait. Who will be the first one to spot the tiger in your family? Maybe even make it competitive. Turn it into a game for the kids, and test your kid’s patience by seeing how long they’ll look for the tiger before getting distracted.

Click here… Time for Tiger Watching!

Be sure to check out the other live cameras the San Diego Zoo has right now, like the Penguin cam. Even while social distancing, you can still check up on your favorite animals!

Our next blog will go up in the next couple days, so keep an eye on the website to see what we talk about next! While you wait for the next post, take a look at some of our other sections, like Into the Kitchen or National Parks page! See you next time!