First Blog Post!!!

Hi!! My name is Ella and my little sister’s name is Belle. We are two sisters that just wanted to help our community during the COVID-19 pandemic; even if we’re stuck at home and can’t help in the traditional sense. As you may already know, this website has hundreds of things to do: from art crafts to Disney activities to coding all at no cost to you! In case you are just joining us, here is a snapshot of what we do.

Want something to do to keep the kids occupied with Disney or Space story time? We got you.

Want to learn something completely new? Take a look at our “Learn to Code” or “Learn a Language” pages.

Feel like doing something random like movie night while social distancing? Check out our “Just for Fun” page.

Want to explore a National Park and not have to leave the comforts of your couch? Now you can! Check out our “National Parks” page.

We love this website and we are continuing to grow it almost daily, with that being said, we are announcing that starting today we are going to start a blog!!

Our blog posts will include blogs including link of the week, new things added to the website, and much more! Keep your eyes out for new posts!

To kickoff the blog, we are going to start with a link of the week: Emoji Scavenger Hunt. Let’s be honest for a moment, emoji’s are part of everyday life for most people and we often use them in place of words because it’s easier, like instead of saying “good job” just send a thumbs up emoji. Well, Google has created an interactive game based on this, that is AI run. It will give you an emoji to find in real life and you have to go find it before the time runs out.

It may sound a bit weird and even a bit boring, but it is strangely addicting, plus Belle and I have played it for hours at a time trying to see who can get the longest streak of correct emojis!

Click here to start competing with the famous emojis

Thanks so much, and see you the next time we blog!